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Blog for January 2009

Louis B.
Hi all,

Here are my thoughts on what I may be working on piano Booster.

- Adding a high score summary/statistics page on how well you have played the piece of music. This can be quite addictive as you always think you can do better next time through.

-  storing  the settings per song so that pb remembers the speed settings which hand etc the next time you come back to the song.

- Adding keyboard short cuts for some functions.

- Display the current bar number

- Add a play from bar number (possibly with auto rewind so just by stopping playing will take you back to the play from bar number)

- add note durations see this thread

- Automatically adjust the speed (as an option) so for example that if some plays very badly then the play back speed will be dropped by 20% next time through or increase speed next time through if they start playing better.

As this is an Open Source project I am not making any promises as to when this will be available.

There is a little cheat, if you are not so skilled, try changing the key signature to C, then PB will display all the sharps and flats for you.

If you find some of the pieces too easy try transposing the music into a more challenging key signature. Transposing up by one semitone is especially difficult. It is very good practice learning to play a piece of music into different keys.

L o u i s
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Re: Blog for January 2009

Sounds great LB - please keep us posted on your progress!

About this auto slowing down and the ability to change the speed of the song- what about songs that have tempo changes? Will these be handled proportionally?

Adding a start from marker would be half the way to having a loop mode. If you set and end marker too then the accuracy bar would get reset and it would loop between the two points afresh.