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feature request

Hello, I have a request for improving the design. I use  touch screen 8 inches big. I have installed ASUS mother board with 2 core processor. Since keyboard is old and does not support standard MIDI instrument, although a set of 128. I use Microsoft GS wavetable for accompaniment and the keyboard for master keyboard .... this is a DIY project.The reason is, the keyboard has a real hammer dynamics key. So .... the program is super with a mouse, but not user friendly for use with  touch screen diplays. My suggestion is one big button to turn off the musical instrument which is played, and a large  volume knob to control master and accompaniment. Choosing the MIDI channel that is playing through a graphical keyboard type 0 to 9 and ENTER. It will be good too option to change the color of the frame and buttons and opportunity to display the text of karaoke file and ability to store the settings of the play list, amplification, selection of MIDI channel and so on ..... This is a perfect pice of software, but needs a little improvements ..... This improvements will update to the capabilities of current technology and will have a more friendly user view.

Regards Rumen

PS Excuse me for my bad English I use google translator. Hope basically you understand what I mean.